#8 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!
I'd like to welcome all the new players who would have purchased the game over the holidays.
Hope 2019 finds you in good spirits and health.

First off I'd like the Yogcast crew for letting Grimm & Tonic be a part of the Jingle Jam 2018. It's heartening to have been a part of a bundle that has raised over $3 million to charities!

Speaking of feedback: I've noted of some core issues raised with regards to the Grimoire and the general flow of the game.  I'm currently designing alternatives that retain narrative integrity but address these pain points. 

Below are my current ideas, and I invite feedback from the wider community.

Grimoire Revamp

The idea here is to make the Grimoire easier to navigate and present key information related to the updated conversation structure. Speaking of the "Conversation Structure" ...

Conversation Structure

After reviewing a few comments regarding the interactions with the game's patrons.  I've begun exploring ways to simplify and standardize the way that conversations are handled in the game. In light of this, I want to revamp Episode 1 and have this design pinned down before continuing with subsequent episodes.
The intent is to have dialogue reveal a patron's preferred drink, based on the player's conversation choices. Additionally, you can see that there are newly proposed stats on each drink. The idea is to use this information as "hints" to guide the player towards specific cocktails. 

I'm looking forward to feedback on these changes. Understandably, subsequent Episodes will be delayed as we finalize this design

A discussion post has been opened to collate issues and relate known problems. 

Unfortunately, this feature will be delayed in light of the pending revamp. Will continue to keep everyone posted.

All the best, 

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