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Maintaining a healthy Work-Life balance is pretty tricky on a good day but it’s damn near impossible when your boss threatens foreclosure on your mortal existence. As the new bartender at DEAD-END, you’ll make new friends, mix weird drinks, all while navigating Life, Death and everything in between.

Learn more about the residents of New Eden City and yourself in this Noir, Urban, Fantasy Visual Novel.

“Grimm & Tonic will be in Early Access until a final episode  is released. Currently, there is a roadmap for a total of 6 episodes, in this particular series. The goal is to have a complete episode released every 3 months with 'B-side' stories sprinkled throughout the release cycle. If everything goes perfectly I intend to have the game completed by the end of 2019.”

Current Features (as of build v0.2.0):

  • Include Episode 1 & 2 (Out of 6)
  • Introduces a total of 8 characters  (out of a projected total of 25)
  • Current Duration: 25 -30 minutes
  • Unlockable Side Story: Glass Half Full! 
  • Unlockable Side Story: Dude, Where's My Licence?
  • A Jazzy, Noir, Manga-inspired Aesthetic
  • Choices that matter! 

Patch Notes

  • Fixed sound bug
  • Fixed text speed bug
  • Corrected version number

“The first and only chapter on offer so far, paints a nice introduction to this world, laying the groundwork for a promising game to come.”
Hyper Light Up

“... Grimm & Tonic may just be quirky enough to escape a niche market. I can only hope that the effort doesn't sully with time.”

Keen Gamer

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Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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I have a few questions. what is the length of this game (word count or how many hours will this take to complete)? Is this a choice based VN?  How many endings are there? Is there romance? If so, how many characters are romanceable?

Hi there!
Thanks for the questions.
I've updated the description to address most of them. 
As it relates to romance able options. There may be a few down the line but the  writing isn't set in stone. 
This closer to a friendsim than a dating game.

We need more friendsims :D