#7 Happy Holidays!

Build v0.1.4.4 is now live! 

This update includes:

  • Continued Grammar fixing (tell me if I missed anything ...)
  • Added some more drink hints (to be expanded on further ...)
  • Shortened dialogue sequence with Wolfgang Konrad
  • Removed debug code that enabled Usha being completely skipped 
  • Fixed bug with loading saves 
  • MAC build is live!

Hello Everyone!
Spent all of Christmas Eve addressing some of the major bugs. Let me know if I squashed them all.

All the best,  Spritewrench.


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GnT_MAC_v0_1_4_4.zip 317 MB
Dec 25, 2018
GnT_WIN_v0_1_4_4.zip 302 MB
Dec 25, 2018

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