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Ummm.... IN the downloads and for itch app, the Mac version is the windows versino and the windows version is the mac version. Would you please fix this issue? Thank you in advance!

Also, when I downloaded the Windows version for my computer, the executable file closes after loading! Would you fix this please? Thank you! I really want to play your game...

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Try deleting all the files located "%LOCALAPPDATA%\grimmtonic\" and try to  re-launch.

Let me know if this fixes the issue.

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I have a few questions. what is the length of this game (word count or how many hours will this take to complete)? Is this a choice based VN?  How many endings are there? Is there romance? If so, how many characters are romanceable?

Hi there!
Thanks for the questions.
I've updated the description to address most of them. 
As it relates to romance able options. There may be a few down the line but the  writing isn't set in stone. 
This closer to a friendsim than a dating game.

We need more friendsims :D